Life in Ukraine's buffer zone (Politico)


Dec 6, 2015


The front line of the war in eastern Ukraine divides towns, villages and even families into Ukrainian territory or rebel territory. On each side, stretching for 15 kilometers, is the internationally-agreed buffer zone — an allegedly demilitarized area created as part of the second Minsk peace deal in February...READ MORE

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The Return of the ‘Afgantsy’ (Politico)


Sep 27, 2015


The sleeve of rebel fighter Yuri Protsenko shows his allegiance in the ongoing conflict in his native Ukraine: He wears the patch of the largest Russia-backed separatist militia in the country, the Vostok Battalion, which he joined in February of last year...READ MORE

Photo: Joël van Houdt

How to Disappear a Country (The Atlantic)


DONETSK Jul 21, 2015


In the Donetsk People’s Republic, Russia is everywhere, from the mailboxes to the license plates. Ukraine is nowhere...READ MORE

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Stateless in Ukraine (Warscapes)


Nov 13, 2014


For a small community of ethnic Turks who have lived peacefully in Ukraine for twenty-five years, the current conflict is allowing the dream of a distant homeland to resurface. “With this war, Ukrainians have nowhere to go. But we do,” says Makhmud Manmedov, who manages a Turkish café in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson...READ MORE

Photo: Joël van Houdt

Sloviansk: A City With PTSD - There may be a 'ceasefire' in eastern Ukraine, but that's cold comfort for the war's survivors. (The Atlantic)


SLOVIANSK  Oct 16, 2014


Psychologist Tatyana Aslanyan is on a mission to treat a city that seems to be suffering from a collective form of post-traumatic stress disorder...READ MORE

Photo: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

The Scattering of Ukraine's Jews - War threatens a community that has survived the Holocaust and the Soviet era. (The Atlantic)


Sept 21, 2014


Aleksandr Zadov recalls the last time war forced him out of his home in Donetsk. The year was 1941, and Nazi troops were occupying the eastern Ukrainian city. He and his parents escaped under the cover of darkness to Kazakhstan...READ MORE

Photo: Joël van Houdt

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