Shiite women get political (Foreign Policy)


ISLAMABAD Oct 3, 2013


Irfan Ali, a tireless campaigner for the rights of minority Shiites in his native Pakistan, volunteered to collect scattered limbs after an explosion tore through the billiard hall of his hometown Quetta in January 2013. The 33-year-old tweeted from the scene. "Was on the way to home nearly escaped bomb blast," he wrote in English...READ MORE

Photo: U.S. Embassy Pakistan

Pakistan fighter pilot wins battle of sexes, now she's ready for war (Reuters)


MUSHAF AIR BASE  June 12, 2013


With an olive green head scarf poking out from her helmet, Ayesha Farooq flashes a cheeky grin when asked if it is lonely being the only war-ready female fighter pilot in the Islamic republic of Pakistan...READ MORE

Photo: expertinfantry (Flickr)

Pakistan's sectarian violence creeps into art scene (Reuters)


LAHORE  Apr 5, 2013


A gold bullet on top of Islamic stenciling, open sores and festering wounds, life-size sculptures of silenced men whose faces are obscured...READ MORE

Photo: U.S. Embassy Pakistan

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